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Distributed Generation

The incorporation of power generation spread out among high demand areas (nodes) of the grid, close to the load, reduces congestion in the grid as the electricity generated does not have to leave the node and is consumed nearby.

Conventional Generation

Traditionally, energy is generated far from high demand areas such as cities or industrial centers. As both demand and supply grow, without proper planning and modernization of transmission and distribution infrastructure, congestion is created on the grid. This congestion limits the amount of energy that can be sent to the high demand areas (nodes) and/or that can be extracted from areas where electricity is produced.

Installed Distributed Generation in Mexico grew 40% in 2019and is expected to triple over the next 4 years.

Why Change?

How XC’s clients benefit from Market Trends

Price Certainty

Through our different payment options, you can always know the price you will pay in the future.


With XC your company can now use renewable energy with zero investment, while also saving money.


Our products adjust to each of our customer’s needs in size, term, and price.

Why fix your energy rate?

Mexican electricity prices have had a strong trend upward over the last decades:

Historical HM and GDMTH rates Mxn/Kwh

Mexico has some of the highest electricity prices in the world for businesses:

Electricity Prices for Business, March 2020 Usd/Kwh

Roof Options

Renewable Energy as a Service

XC Generation supplies energy generated on site, with zero upfront cost to the Customer. With zero risks and zero worries, the Customer only pays a monthly electricity bill for the energy that was actually generated, at a discount to CFE rates.

Main Characteristics:

  • Long term Power Purchase Agreement (7-15 years)
  • The option to buy the assets at any time
  • Discounted fixed rate or floating discount
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Certainty in future energy costs

Additional income from your roof

XC pays you rent for the use of the roof for the installation of solar panels and production of renewable energy.
Giving you a better environmental image, roof protection and thermal insulation. In addiction to a contemplementary passive income.

Main Characteristics:

  • No need to have a large energy bill since the energy is exported into the grid.
  • Long Term Lease Agreement
  • Term: 8-20 years
  • Rent: 15-50 pesos/m2 yearly
  • Purchase option

XC’s Advantages

Our Onsite Generation products give our clients the following benefits:

Expedited deployment and installation period (3-4 months).

Hedge against rising electricity prices.

Zero investment and zero worries. The customer does not acquire debt or a lease.

Highest quality equipment guaranteed for more than 15 years and more than 25 year operational life.

Significant savings over CFE rates since day one: (10-25%).

Provides thermal insulation and protection from the elements to the customer’s roof.

24/7 backup from CFE.

Maintenance and repairs/replacements with no cost to the customer.

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